Crab Circle to Reopen With Special Ceremony Today

Thursday, November 23, 2023, 10:06 AM

Many things were said about the viral video of crab vendor Alice using the popular Crab Circle as her bathroom, and the location was consequently closed on October 5, 2023. Today, a special reopening ceremony is to be held for the establishment since a few sanitary and health improvements have been made.

Located at the National Heroes Circle in Kingston, Jamaica, Crab Circle is set to reopen later today at around 4:00 pm with a reopening ceremony by KSAMC (the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation). KSAMC had joined hands with HEART/NSTA Trust in order to properly equip the vendors with correct food preparation and compulsory hygiene training.


Crab Circle has also been outfitted with running water and suitable bathroom facilities and the vendors issued legal food handlers permits.

Although the Mayor of Kingston, Delroy Williams, explicitly stated that Alice will no longer be permitted to sell at Crab Circle, many Jamaicans are still concerned as the vendor has repeatedly expressed her wishes to return.

Additionally, Natalie Neita Garvey, the spokesperson for the opposition party, stated that in order to make sure that the vendors are being obedient to the Public Health Act, they should be continuously monitored.

“I’m hoping that the sanitary facilities which were being built…will be up and running and accessible…and that potable water will be in place. I’m expecting that the persons who are returning there…have their food handlers permits…”

She also mentioned that the proposed monitoring process will deter another incident such as the viral video incident from happening again in the future.

Read the full statement below:

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