Alice Plans Return to Crab Circle, Mayor of Kingston Says No to Her Return

Controversial food vendor Alice Waugh is planning to make her grand return when the popular street food spot Crab Circle reopens next week on Thursday. However, the Mayor of Kingston, Delroy Williams, has rubbished any such notion.

A video of Waugh cleansing herself of excrement after defecating behind her food stall resulted in the closure of Crab Circle at National Heroes Circle in Kingston. After multiple breaches were found, vendors at the location took part in a proper food handling and preparation training programme conducted by the HEART/NSTA Trust, but Waugh did not attend.

According to Waugh, she was not able to participate in the programme due to her poor health at the time. The veteran Crab Circle vendor told the Jamaica Star that during the backlash caused by the viral video, her blood pressure had reached dangerous levels. However, Waugh, who was operating with an expired food handler’s permit, said her documents are now up-to-date.

Waugh reiterated that the incident was a one-time mistake that will not reoccur as bathrooms are currently under construction in the area. She said that her priority will be rebuilding the trust she had with her clients and has received encouragement to return from one of her fellow Crab Circle vendors.

Though Waugh may be on talking terms with some of her fellow vendors, the 56-year-old has not yet forgiven Nadine Francis, the vendor who recorded the video of the incident and shared it on social media. According to Waugh, Francis’ claims that she had defecated behind her stall multiple times were lies, and she now resented her passionately.

“All when mi see she drop deh suh and a dead mi nah look pan har. Mi have up people inna mi heart, enuh, and yuh si when mi hate yuh, mi hate yuh wid a passion,” Waugh stated.

Sharing what inspired her planned return to Crab Circle, Waugh said she has been facing financial challenges since she departed from the location and is currently out of food supplies at her home. Despite the backlash she received, Waugh maintains that she has loyal customers ready to show their support upon her return. In regards to the ongoing backlash, Waugh expressed that some people simply liked to talk and would return regardless.

Following Alice’s declaration that she would be returning, Mayor Williams has since countered that Waugh will not be permitted to return. In a series of tweets on Thursday, Williams clarified that Waugh was not invited to the HEART certification programme as she is not being reinstated as a vendor at Crab Circle. However, she may return to the location as a customer if she desires.

Mayor Williams has warned that any attempts to facilitate Waugh or any other uncertified vendor at Crab Circle will result in the venue’s closure. Williams said the Kingston & St. Andrew Municipal Corporation’s stance on the matter was previously communicated to the vendors. Noting that how the vendors previously operated will no longer be tolerated, Williams disclosed the municipal police have been instructed to enforce the new rules.

View Williams’ statements below.


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