Crab Vendor Alice Tells All in New Interview

Alice Waugh, the sole woman responsible for the closure of the popular Heroes Circle Crab Spot in Kingston, has come forward to share details on the aftermath of the viral video, her relationship with Nadine and her famous soup ingredients.

In an interview with Ragjhon Brown, host of the Total Package Show, controversial crab vendor Alice stated that she has been making soup for over 30 years and that she undoubtedly sells the tastiest one at the food spot.


“Mi nah ask nobody, mi nuh haffi tell nuh body, as yuh open it yuh smell it.” Before working at that location, she shared that she was stationed at the airport where she was doing the same venture and that even now, her picture still flies high there.

However, when asked about her relationship with Nadine and if she has forgiven her for sending out the video which showed her wiping her butt and dropping the tissue on the ground, she casually asked the question, ” Forgive har? Weh she do? Weh she do?”

Nonchalantly she added that she was surprised when she learned of the video as she and Nadine used to communicate every day. 


Alice further shared that the other crab vendors continue to remain supportive and disclosed that she did not attend the meeting by the health authorities nor the five-day training in proper food handling and preparation because she already knows how to cook. This was a programme being offered by the HEART/NSTA Trust.

During the interview, the host also had a taste of Alice’s famous soup, where she mentioned that her ingredients include cow skin, chicken foot, beef, pumpkin, cocoa, dasheen, and yam.

Watch videos of the interview below:


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