Kingston Crab Vendor Explains Her Unhygienic Actions, “Cause me never drink no tea, by me seh me ago move off me hear bruup and the d*d*”

Friday, October 6, 2023, 10:27 AM GMT-5

The food vendor, who was caught on video wiping her butt after defecating on herself inside the outdoor cookshop, reacts to the aftermath of her viral video. Alice Waugh, who has been practising her trade at the cookshop located in Kingston for over two decades, did an interview where she explained in detail what happened.

Alice was on the scene as health authorities clamped down and ordered the closure of the now controversial food stop, where she was asked to give her thoughts on the incident, which she says occurred last week, Friday.


She says she did not like what unfolded, and it was uncalled for the person to release the disturbing video of her.

She explained what happened and why she displayed unhygienic behaviour inside the cookshop. “Me drink a hot beer wid some salt cause me seh right yah so a hurt me inna me stomach, cause me never drink no tea, by me seh me ago move off me hear bruup and the dodo come dung and me tek piece a napkin and wipe me bottom now and seh me dash it up deh so inna drum and then go dung a me niece go bathe and come back up,” Alice revealed.

Alice also pointed out that there were no faeces on the floor inside the cookshop; she went on to outline that she is very hygienic as she always keeps her work area clean. The vendor went to call out the woman who recorded the viral video as a problem maker; according to Alice, she needs to be removed from the popular cookshop.

In her closing remarks in her exclusive interview with Nationwide90FM, Alice says the actions taken by the health authorities to close down the cookshop were unfair and overblown, especially because that’s how she has made her livelihood for countless years. “No, it don’t fair,” Alice stated.

Listen to the full interview below:


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