Crab\Soup Vendors Apologise For Alice’s Actions, As They Plead For The Reopening Of Crab Circle – Watch Video

Wednesday, October 11, 2023, 6:28 AM GMT-5

Following the backlash from the public, which subsequently led to the closing of Crab Circle by health authorities, vendors of the popular food stop who seemingly sided with Alice have now clarified their stance. The group of vendors met with authority figures and health officials on Tuesday to get the green light to continue their business operations.


However, it was not clear if it was the same group of vendors who could be heard in a video defending Alice’s actions, seeing that their faces were not visible. Nevertheless, the vendors apologize to the public on behalf of all the vendors who conduct their business at Crab Circle.

According to one of the vendors in attendance at the meeting with the relevant authorities via an interview with TVJ, “From our hearts, we humbly apologise for Alice’s action, we are not justifying what Alice did, [mek] we get that out to the public, there is no way we are justifying that because everybody a pay for it the good haffi suffer fi the bad.”

The vendor continued by detailing the devastating impact the closure of the cookshops had on the general public. “It affects the man that catches the water, the man that was sent to buy meat, the people inna the market that we spend with daily; it affects us because we have kids to feed,” the vendor disclosed.

In attendance at the meeting was Desmond McKenzie. According to the former mayor, the KSSAC cannot give the green light to the vendors as the power lies in the hands of public health authorities. In conclusion, the vendors said they were committed to getting certified to operate their business lawfully.

See the video below:


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