Crab Circle Vendor Nadine Cries Out for Help, Says She is Receiving Death Threats for Releasing the Viral Video – Watch Interview

Friday, October 6, 2023, 10:01 PM

Vendor Nadine Francis, who released the viral video of a woman defecating in Crab Circle, is crying out for help as she says she has been receiving death threats. The reported threats follow her exposing one vendor, Alice Waugh, defecating inside of her stall, which led to the Ministry of Health closing down the popular ‘Crab Spot’ in Kingston.

Nadine was in tears as she spoke to a reporter about the situation, saying, “Mi wah talk to di mayor, because a while ago mi a come from dung a him office and dem seh mi can not see him…Mi did fraid fi come out cause mi life is being threatened.”



Along with the death threats, the 48-year-old said that she was told that she could never return to the Crab Circle and claimed that Alice threatened to sue her for $12 million.

Nadine was wailing to the camera for help from social media, saying she was not wrong for exposing the woman’s unhygienic behaviour. She stated, “Mi nuh wrong fi release di video. A bay threat mi a get, bay threat.”

The disturbing video sparked islandwide backlash, but Alice claimed that the incident only happened because she was unwell and had never done such a thing before. However, Nadine showed the Nationwide News reporter two other disturbing videos to prove that Alice’s behaviour was a regular occurrence.

“A regular practice, a har toilet…Alice just damn lazy fi get up from her where she at,” she said. According to Nadine, Alice always defecated in a bucket, and she would not stop even though Nadine complained. Instead, the other vendors had an issue with Nadine.

Watch the interview with Nadine Francis below:


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