Alice Apologises, “Jamaica, mi sorry fi weh mi do” – Watch Video

Thursday, October 12, 2023, 7:53 PM GMT-5

After initially blaming her unhygienic behaviour on a momentary illness, Crab Circle vendor Alice Waugh has issued a public apology to everyone. The apology comes several days after facing islandwide backlash from irate Jamaicans who were made aware that the vendor had passed her faeces close to where she was handling the food.


The public learned about the unpleasant incident in a viral video, which led to the Ministry of Health closing down the famous crab spot. While Alice claimed that she was unwell and had never done it before, Crab Vendor Nadine, who released the viral video, further revealed that her associate regularly used a bucket to pass her bodily waste inside her stall.

On the heels of other vendors, who initially sided with Alice, apologising, it has been revealed that Alice also issued an apology for her actions.

In a video released by CVM TV, Alice expressed that she was too nervous to admit her mistakes with the world watching her.

“Some people might say, why mi come now a apologise to unuh now…But true mi did feel so nervous [wid] eh whol heap a people and so I couldn’t,” Alice explained. “Jamaica, mi sorry fi weh mi do, and di street vendors dem, I’m sorry fi weh mi do.”

Watch the video of Alice below:


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