Alice Shocked She Can’t Return to Crab Circle, Nadine Says She Deserves a Second Chance

With her sights set on returning to her former spot at Crab Circle, food vendor Alice Waugh was taken aback by Mayor of Kingston Delroy Williams’ declaration that she would not be permitted at next week’s reopening. In an unsuspected twist, Nadine Francis, the vendor who recorded Waugh’s viral, unsanitary video, has suggested that the health authorities give her a second chance.

Following the announcement that the vendors of Crab Circle are now certified by the HEART/NSTA Trust and will make their grand return on Thursday, Waugh announced her plans to return despite not participating in the certification programme. Mayor Williams swiftly responded to reports of her return, stating that she would not be permitted to sell at the venue. According to the Jamaica Star, which spoke to Waugh after Williams’ statement, she was left stunned and at a loss for words after receiving the news.


Waugh shared that she was not informed that she would not be permitted to sell at Crab Circle, as she has done for decades, and questioned why she could not return. Members of the public have overwhelmingly expressed that the Kingston & St. Andrew Municipal Corporation’s decision to not allow Waugh to return is the right move. However, Francis, whom Waugh has openly shared her dislike for, has since shared her belief that the vendor, like everyone else in life, deserves a second chance.

Nadine Francis
Nadine Francis and a Customer

Though Francis and Waugh are no longer speaking to each other, Francis said that she does not hate her and does not wish to condemn her for what she did. Francis, the aunt of three of Waugh’s daughters, shared that she does not regret recording the incident that led to Crab Circle’s closure, as what Waugh did was wrong.

“Sometimes when yuh see things wrong, sometimes yuh affi be strong and stand up still enuh, and mek God sort out dat,” Francis stated.

Despite knowing it was the right thing to do, Francis said she was not sure she would return to the venue and did not participate in the certification programme. However, after much reflection on the matter, she has decided to go back to Crab Circle and has signed up for the programme.

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