Crab Circle Whistle Blower, Nadine Francis Relocates to Mountain View Avenue

Ready to put the past and Crab Circle behind her, Nadine Francis has relocated from the once-popular food spot at Heroes Circle and has found a new home in Kingston.

Following the unsanitary debacle that unfolded at Crab Circle last year, Francis, who has worked at the location for over a decade, has found it difficult to return to normalcy. In addition to reports of her stall being vandalised, Francis also alleged that her life was threatened by the granddaughter of infamous vendor Alice Waugh.

Speaking to the Jamaica Star, Francis disclosed that after releasing the video of Waugh, which led to Crab Circle’s closure, she experienced depression as her bills piled up. Unlike Waugh, Francis was permitted to return but said she has vowed never to go back as she is certain that she would not feel safe.

“Mi not going back there! Mi wah be happy now. From last year mi deserve fi comfortable weh mi deh. Dat a last year thing and this year thing mi need fi move on wid mi life. Mi need to be happy,” Francis stated.

According to the vendor, she is now quite content after relocating to a new location and is currently selling at Mountain View Avenue in Kingston. Francis also shared that the people are very friendly where she is now.

“Mi comfortable, di people dem a Mountain View, mi a tell yuh, I never see such a loving set a people. Dem mek mi comfortable, yuh have some nice people a Mountain View,” Francis stated.

She added that starting to vend again has had a significant positive effect on her and that she is grateful for the people supporting her.

“Fi di little time mi deh a road and mi have people fi talk to and all a them things deh, it kinda just mek mi feel different. Suh mi thank the people dem weh a come out and look fi mi, weh a really search fi mi and people them weh just a know mi and a support mi.”

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