Crab Circle Saga Continues: Nadine Francis Allegedly Threatened by Granddaughter of Alice Waugh – Video

Tuesday, February 27, 2024, 8:46 PM GMT-5

Nadine Francis is once again speaking out and has alleged that she was threatened by a relative of controversial Crab Circle vendor Alice Waugh.

Last year, Francis leaked a video of Waugh performing an unsanitary act at her stall at the popular food spot, Crab Circle, at National Heroes Circle in Kingston. After its closure, the venue was later reopened, with Waugh banned from the area.

While she was initially hesitant to return to Crab Circle, Francis eventually went back to the venue. However, in January, she shared that her stall was vandalised.

According to Francis, her life has now been threatened. In a video shared on TikTok, Francis said that she decided to leave Heroes Circle and start over somewhere else, but she is still experiencing issues stemming from her leaked video.

The food vendor shared that while at the market to purchase crabs, she ran into Waugh’s granddaughter, Abby, who also sells at Heroes Circle. Francis said Abby allegedly told her that her throat would be cut and she would go missing.

Francis went on to express that she wants to move on with her life and get past the crab circle incident.

“Afta what happened at Heroes Circle, I’m done, I want to move on [ … ] Going downtown and not going to Heroes Circle and guh around dem, it still is a problem to me by going downtown,” Francis stated.

Additionally, she disclosed that she reported the matter to the police and further expressed her desire to move on with her life.

Many viewers of the video, which was re-shared on Instagram, sympathised with Francis, with producer Skatta Burrell suggesting that she be given a stall to sell at Reggae Sumfest.

“I think this lady deserves a stall at reggae sumfest to sell some nice clean crab and soup for everyone who owes Her a debt of gratitude. What unuh think???” Burrell wrote.

However, one viewer questioned the authenticity of Francis’ allegation.

“So fi someone weh love video. Weh the video of this encounter. Cause miss we been forget bout you,” viewer Wingie0629 stated.

After being chastised by another viewer, Wingie0629 admitted to being a customer of Waugh and further suggested that Francis’ story may not be real as she did not capture it on video.

View some of the comments about Francis’ video below.

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