Crashed Benz Aftermath from Viral Toll Road Accident in Jamaica – Photos

Photos have emerged of the Mercedez Benz SUV that crashed while travelling along the highway in Jamaica. The accident which took place recently was caught on camera and the aftermath photos that were shared online on Friday are also making rounds on social media, like the initial accident.

On Friday photos were uploaded online showing multiple angles of the totalled high-end vehicle. It’s still unclear how badly injured the occupant(s) of the vehicle is(are).

See images below:

As expected, viewers have been reacting to the photos with one person stating, “Comprehensive nothing to worry about… drive at you own risk.”

However, that statement was refuted with the following comment, “here’s another video circulating when the account happened. I the insurance get a hold of that the owner not getting one red cent. Because it was quite clear they were driving reckless.”

See more reactions below:

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