Crissy Feeds CMR on Live Stream and Run Jokes – Watch Video

CMR and Crissy surprised fans by finally going live together after releasing separate content for weeks following CMR’s infidelity reveal. The married couple appeared happy in their kitchen as they prepared a snack and ate.

During the TikTok live stream, Crissy, standing next to her husband, was eating as they read the comments from viewers. CMR asked her for some of the meal, and Crissy reacted by acting as if she might have done it but ate the food instead. CMR, who responded with shock, disappeared briefly from the camera, and Crissy told him that the food was peppery and called him over. 

As the video continued, she went to pour the remaining contents of a blender into a glass jar, and CMR reappeared to assist her, who eventually took over while Crissy went back to her food.

The mother of four asked her husband if he wanted more of the food, and he told her he wanted the rice, which is when she fed him a mouthful. She gave him the plate to eat the rest, and Crissy returned to the glass jar, which was apparently a snack for CMR.

Reading the comments, Crissy erupted in laughter and told her husband, “Somebody say I should put some rat poison in it.” Afterwards, she said to the viewers, “I don’t have any,” but asked CMR about other chemicals they might have to kill insects.

While Crissy found the comment hilarious, CMR disapproved of her entertaining the viewers’ “foolishness.” As they went on to talk about what they were making and CMR said he liked it “thick,” he broke out into Vybz Kartel’s song Mhm Hm, prompting Crissy to ask him with a smile, “Yuh Nuh tiad a Kartel?”

With a grim expression, CMR said, “Everything yuh tek mek joke.”

The video of them had mixed reactions, with happy comments such as one that said, “She done the right thing, we’re not perfect.” Meanwhile, the negative comments consisted of one person saying, “Yam head move…low self esteem, i would never forgive him so quick.”

See comments below:

Watch the video of them below:

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