Croc Eats Cat in Jamaica – Watch Video

Thursday, September 8, 2022, 11:00 AM

A stray cat became the centre of everyone’s attention when the feline was spotted near a river that contained a crocodile. The cat that had seemingly strayed to the riverbed was caught in a video by a man who was amusingly watching the incident unfold from an overhead bridge along with several others.

The 27-second video shows the moment the feline became crocodile food, and the onlookers, who found it entertaining, were heard repeating expletives and rejoicing when the crocodile struck the cat. The predator was first seen lingering nearby before slowly making its way to the riverbed and attacking the cat. The video, which ended shortly after the crocodile captured the cat, was recently shared on Twitter.


It’s unclear where exactly the incident took place in Jamaica.

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