Crocodile found and captured in Braeton, Portmore – Video

Wednesday, November 4, 2020, 8:41 PM GMT-5

The crocodiles seem to be out and about amidst the heavy rainfall in recent weeks across the island. last week we say a man being bitten by a man who tried to captured a young crocodile, this we see a crocodile being captured the correct way.

At one point the crocodile was given chicken to eat seemingly to ease it’s temper. Next Men with ropes and a long rod managed to tie up the crocodile along the gully bank.

“a nuh the first it happen in this gully it happened couple years ago and it happen again” states a resident who also explains that the crocodile got in the gull as a result of the flooding that’s taking place in the community.

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Watch the amusing video below.

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