Currie Tells Holness To “Do The Right Thing” In New Statement “Most Jamaicans Have No Idea”

The leader of the Maroons in Jamaica, Chief Richard Currie has officially responded to statements made by the prime minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness a day ago. Holness stated, “not one inch of Jamaica will come under any other sovereign authority.”

This answer from the prime minister was in response to questions asked by Andre Wright from the Jamaica Gleaner about the recent happenings in Accompong, St. Elizabeth and the Maroon’s sovereignty on the island.

According to Currie, some Jamaicans should stop blaming the maroons as traitors and instead study their history, he went on to state that there are two types of people on the island, the ones who are willing to be righteous and defend the estate at all cost and those who remain as house slaves and gate keeps “for leaving Marrons out in 1962.”

“Jamaica is not a unitary sovereign state,” Currie also stated.

Read his full statement below.

Mr Holness,

We, the Maroons of the Cockpit Country, descendants of the First People of the Archipelago now called Jamaica, would like to remind you of a few things:

1). Jamaica is NOT a unitary sovereign state, Elizabeth II, of the House Windsor, is YOUR Queen and Sovereign. Jamaica is simply “fully responsible” in Elizabeth’s Commonwealth.

2). You are a signatory to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous people. Please go read this, you are an intelligent man.

3). Jamaica has an EXTENSIVE external debt and is constantly begging, so you rely on other sovereign nations, in other words, you are receiving funding from others, so please consider human and indigenous rights before you end up de-funded as well.

4). Jamaica as a government entity, begged for “independence” whereas the Maroons waged war to maintain theirs.

Please be guided accordingly.

Watch the full response video below.

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