Holness Says Maroons Have No Sovereignty In Jamaica

The recent speech given by the Prime Minister concerning the levels of crime in the country, saw persons asking him some very key questions which have shed some light on the leader’s mindset at this time however, Andre Wright from the Jamaica Gleaner put forward one inquiry that seemed to have ticked him off in much anger.

The question surrounded the whole concept of Maroon sovereignty about the Government and their approval of the recent January 6th celebrations, as well as their overall power as an independent group in the country. 


The Prime Minister in his enraged mood answered the question by highlighting the thought of Maroon sovereignty as a threat that people have been taking on with him going further to make it known that Jamaica is a unitary sovereign state, and there is no other sovereign authority other than the Government.

As such the Prime Minister was very stern at the Gleaner editor, letting him know that there is no way that the Government would take taxpayer money to fund the group and their doings.

This type of behaviour according to Prime Minister Holness is how guerrilla wars are started, and with that being said he urged Jamaicans to wake up since it could be seen where people died from the Maroon’s activities which the leader of the country said was a thing that might lead to the break down of the state.

He concluded by saying that under his leadership, “not one inch of Jamaica will come under any other sovereign authority.”

Even though the Prime Minister might have said what he did out of aggravation due to the recent incident that took place in Accompong where six were injured in the gunfire and one dead, the fact, is that there was a treaty in 1739 between the Maroons and the British which provided the group with autonomy, and borders to govern their lands. 

Currently, Jamaica’s security forces do not extend to the area unless invited by the chief, however, based on this latest statement from Holness it would not be a surprise to see lawmen in the area in the future.

In response to the statement, the leader of the Maroons Chief Currie took to social media and stated.

Check out the question and Holness’s statement below.

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