Prime Minister Holness Says ‘Argument Done’ With Covid-19 Concerns – Talks New Crime Fighting Measures

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has opened up to the public on his perspective moving forward with the high numbers of Covid-19 infections that have been taking place. While people might have thought that he would have announced another lockdown, he has decided to do something different and leave the health concerns with regards to the virus up to the people.

The Prime Minister spoke about the matter while addressing security matters where he stated that there will be no more lockdowns, regardless of the high recorded positivity rate of 48.9 percent along with the new record of 1,593 infections in one day set on Friday.

Where health matters are concerned Mr. Holness explained at the conference that his team has gone overboard and as such will not return to the previous measures implemented to curb the spread of the virus.

As a new strategy, Prime Minister Holness said persons who have not gotten the Jab should go and take it since they will not be holding down anyone to vaccinate them. In addition to what was said, the Prime Minister explained that there is no shortage of vaccination sites which gives persons different options which they should take into consideration in the responsibility of their health.

In conclusion of his urging of Jamaicans to get vaccinated, Mr. Holness has concluded that the argument is done and that he has never heard of anyone interested in getting the job, not being able to do so.

Surprisingly Jamaica has recorded 4 days of Covid-19 infections, which for each day has seen over 1000 persons catching the virus.

The main topic that the Prime Minister was dealing with, however, was crime-fighting which in the past few days he has broken down in tears over. As an extension to the State of emergencies implemented by him, Parade Gardens has been the most recent area where a Zone of Special Operations (ZOSO) has been instituted.

Check out the Office of the Prime Minister Press Conference – January 9, 2021 below.

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