Damion Crawford Says Holness’s Speech “More Fake Than A $30 Rolex”

January 9, 2022

The political tug-war in Jamaica continues as the PNP vice president Damion Crawford bashes the leader of the JLP for his recent animated speech about crime and violence in Jamaica.

Holness’s speech that was made days ago has gone viral, sparking widespread debates across social media about his integrity. Someone shared the video on Twitter and commented about the emotional speech, Damion Crawford reshared the video to his page and stated “I don’t like this”.


The outspoken member of parliament went on to outline that the speech was not “appropriate for the prayer breakfast”. Instead, he insists that the country’s leader saves such speeches for the campaign trail or in parliament but not at the prayer breakfast.

He concluded his statement by saying that the speech from Holness was “more fake than a $30 Rolex”.

See the tweet below.

Damion Crawford who is known for calling out PM Holness on several occasions recently bashed his COVID-19 restrictions and crime-fighting plans, he also said Holness is exerting ‘government badness”.

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