“Me fraid a him, big man ting” Says Damion Crawford About PM Holness in Interview – Video

PNP member of parliament Damion Crawford sat down with The Fix recently to talk about the policies of the current JLP government, led by “Bro Gad” that he dislikes and regards to be “Government Badness”.

“Me afraid a him, big man ting… Wul a wi”, Outlines Crawford in the interview. He went on to detail that other prime ministers in the past including P.J. Patterson, PM Simpson-Miller, PM Seaga etc have suffered from public criticism but none have reacted as fierce towards the people as the current leader.

“I think he has a problem with the poor”, Says Damion about Andrew Holness, watch as he explains why he made that bold statement in the video below.

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  1. So right Crawford..they go after the poor people who do not know their rights or have no lawyer

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