PM Holness Gets Very Emotional While Giving Speech About Violence in Jamaica – Video

The prime minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness is currently under the spotlight for his very emotional speech given hours ago at the ‘Heal the Family, Heal the Nation’ annual service by the Power of Faith ministries. While talking about the crime issues islandwide, the JLP leader discloses that the crime problem is on his mind constantly, “I go to my bed with these things on my conscience every night,” he outlined.

In an emotional manner, he went on to mention multiple innocent killings that took place since the turn of the year. “I know that i have tried…. It’s a minefield, because every turn you make, there is someone trying to stop it, and I have to wonder, are they in support of the criminals in the country?” he asked with a trembling voice.

One person watch the speech and question, “Hollywood thing this?” while another said, “Prime minister stop the acting.”

Watch the happenings below.

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