PM Holness Wants DEATH SENTENCE For Illegal Gun Convicts

Prime Minister Holness recently at the 78th virtual annual JLP conference, revealed some shocking things that he has had on his mind about crime-fighting. Holness outlined to the audience at the conference that in his opinion, any person convicted for an illegal firearm offence should be given the death sentence.

The Prime Minister in his speech noted that the Death Penalty, in his perspective is the most amicable way to start the proceedings for any illegal gun offence which he explained that he felt strongly about. In his advocacy for stricter laws when it comes to the illegal gun offence, he stated that persons who are involved in the importation and distribution of weapons to killers who use them to get people intimidated, should not be able to get the plea bargain option, rather they should be punished in severity.

Prime Minister Holness also stated that the popular argument used by those found with an illegal gun that they had it for defence, should be thrown out and a person must not be given a sentence reduction unless they can provide sufficient information about where, how and from whom they got the weapon.

The JLP leader also stated that he has had an interest in the illegal firearms Act, which he claims is being amended as a part of the Government’s crime-fighting efforts.

In moving forward to prove his point the Prime Minister drew for statistics which highlighted that up to 80 per cent of murders, in the country have been committed with the use of guns, which he later attributed to the easy access of the weapons and the well-known drugs for guns trade which he says is used to also boost gang wars in communities. He went on to mention that the issue has also been propelled by the availability of weapons from Post-war countries.

Mr Holness is firm in his stance, however, that his administration can do its best to curb the tolerance of illegal guns in the country.

Watch the full conference below.