D-Feezy Has Blood In His Eyes For A Rich Life

Sunday, December 13, 2020, 4:04 PM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste D-Feezy plans on making a statement in the music, with his new track entitled “Rich life”, which also comes with a fresh music video.

In the chorus of the track, the Awahnation Entertainment artiste stated that he has blood in his eyes, to achieve everything he never had.

In the verse of the song, D-Feezy sings about Lexus and Maserati as the type of vehicles, he and his friends like to rock in their “Rich life”, as well as the fact that when he partakes in such a lavish lifestyle it makes the haters mad.

Ironically, even though the haters might get uneasy at his crew, D-Feezy makes it known in his song that they are the ones protecting the community when they sleep.

In the videos, it could be seen where men were sporting pistols, declaring that the badness is indeed real.

The second verse of the song carries a similar mood of celebration, as the first verse, speaking about the drinking of Champaign and the girls involved in the vibes.

Fans of the artiste, have already begun to show him support for the song by leaving their positive comments under the song on his YouTube page.

The song “Rich life”, seems to be just one of the few fiery tracks off the artiste’s new mixtape entitled “The introduction”, which can be found on his Spotify page for streaming.

Watch the music video for “Rich life” below.

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