Da Brat and Wife Chose a White Sperm Donor Because They Did Not Like The Look Of The Black Donor

Jesseca Dupart has responded to social media backlash targeting her and her wife, American rapper Da Brat, after Brat revealed that they did not choose the black sperm donor presented to them because he “looked like Jiminy Cricket.”

After tying the knot in February 2022, Brat and Dupart announced that they were expecting their first child together in February 2023. The couple later revealed that before the pregnancy, they had experienced difficulties with conception, and after their first embryo transfer, Brat had a miscarriage. However, their second embryo transfer was a success. In an interview with The Root that was published last week, Brat shared the couple’s struggle to find a black sperm donor and their ultimate choice to use a white one.


After ruling out donors based on Dupart’s genetic screening, the couple was left with 300 potential donors, only one of whom was black. According to Brat, the lone black donor resembled Jiminy Cricket and was not going to be her choice. Brat said she believes she and Dupart made the correct decision despite the shortage of suitable sperm donors.

“I think we did a great job with picking [ … ] He’s handsome, he’s tall, and I think he’s going to look beautiful with my wife’s egg,” Brat stated.

However, the rapper’s description of the black male donor ignited backlash from some readers who criticised her statements. In response to the backlash, Dupart further explained the limited options that the couple faced. Duport said that the donor pool was comprised of only 5% black men, and though they wanted to wait, they had a limited time frame.

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“We actually waited a few weeks to see if the pool increased [ … ] But, unfortunately, with the time frame, we had to choose within 6–8 weeks, and there was no more new black donors that fit within the perfect fit with my genetic testing,” Duport stated.

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