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Dalton Harris Not Happy Jamaicans Accepted Buju Banton and Rejected Him

Dalton Harris in a recent live interview explains that he is in a love-hate relationship with Jamaicans, he went on to state that persons should not discriminate against him because of his sexuality after he created history.

He feels bad that he did not get welcomed home after the show like others who have won international contests, he also explained that Jamaicans’ show someone who was convicted of drugs charge more love at the airport more than what he got when he returned home.

Dalton said “i remember when i went back home i was hidden in the back of the airport, nobody came to greet me but they did for other people who won American things and they also greeted a person that was convicted for drugs”

Even though Dalton did not mention Buju’s name the comments went wild about him “dissing” Buju.

One person stated “If he’s straight or not people ago rate Buju more dan him. Buju a legend inna dis. Multiple billboard singles, a Grammy, TiL Shiloh is Certified gold.” while another said “Dalton who want to great you, go look work bum by by in you head . You know we care zero”.

In response to all of the controversy Dalton replied with the post below.

Even though this was a surprise to man, some persons are stating that this was not coincident as the interview was posted online amidst Buju Banton releasing his latest Album.

Buju Banton Talks New 20 Track Album and His Return Music

This might be a jab at Buju from Dalton after all Buju Banton did sing “bum bye bye inna [email protected] bwoy head”.

Dalton opens up to still being upset that some Jamaicas wish he would die after he was seen in a picture sitting in a next man’s lap.


Dalton also recalls headlining his first festival in Jamaica but many persons were aginst him performing.

Dalton also explains that he don’t get booked for shows in Jamaica because of the perception that he is gay.

Harris wrote “We are either judging each other and killing each other because someone is GAY OR BLACK OR DIFFERENT OR A WOMAN OR AN IMMIGRANT and it is not just death by words and maltreatment.”

On a lighter note Dalton also posted a conversation he had with his mother.


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