Dalton Harris Scared To Perform In Jamaica

Thursday, April 4, 2019, 5:34 PM GMT-5

The enigmatic Jamaican star singer who is currently residing in the UK opens up about his feelings in returning to his homeland Jamaica to perform, he wrote the following on his social media page yesterday “Today is one of those days. One of those days where I recalibrate my mind and reflect. Scared AF. BUT also very excited. I realized I have nothing to lose but myself and have a bright future ahead of me and an awesome present because I am watching my journey unfold and it is magical. I always get a little depressed when going back to Jamaica just a little. Working on that. I love my country and my new home also.”

Dalton did not stop there he went on to state that “There is so much love in the world for me and my music. I always feel and acknowledge that but the hate is there too. Will I quit? Hell Naaah. I am so grateful for love and opportunities. I am also very proud of myself that after 24 years, there is real value behind my name because I created it. BY MYSELF”

Harris then tells us what he thinks about himself and his fear to perform at a major show in Jamaica “I am a self made entrepreneur and entity that is not doing bad at all. I am somebody now. So much so that even when I get the hate and the remarks of people planning on stoning me at Reggae Sumfest or calling me some name that couldn’t be more inaccurate to who I am, THE LOVE FROM MY FANS WORLDWIDE IS INCREDIBLE. THIS IS BIGGER THAN THE SOCIAL MEDIA BULLYING AND ME.”

Dalton won the UK X Factor singing competition back in 2018 and has managed to sign a recording contract and recorded a hit song called “The Power of Love” that was at the top of the charts in the UK or a while.

In closing Dalton wrote “THIS IS GOD AT WORK. So as I am sitting in this plane 50,000 feet in the air I am choosing to recognise and ground and humble myself in LOVE. Thank you. It has officially begun. Not too long now to wait guys. Really soon.”

Gay rumours, people said he was gay, because there was a photo of him sitting on a young man’s lap. With that said as we’ve seen in the past he knows how to perform well even when he is under pressure, as he is determined to please his fans at all times.

Dalton is booked to perform at Reggae sumfest this summer.



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