Dalton Harris Says, “I Want A Girlfriend”

As the 2010 winner of the Jamaican talent show Digicel Rising Star and the 2018 winner of the United Kingdom X Factor, Dalton Harris is known to make provocative statements at times about his sexuality, however, he has made a new statement that most Jamaicans will agree with.

Recently he made a post on social media stating that he was in need of a girlfriend. It is unknown if Dalton is currently single though he posts about the single life often, but he may now be looking to change that.


See his post below:

In the following years after winning Rising Star and being in the public eye, speculations about the young entertainers’ sexuality took over the internet and rumours of Dalton being homosexual ran rampant in many circles.

However, in 2020, he confirmed his sexuality to be pansexual, which simply means that one is romantically or sexually attracted to a person regardless of that person’s gender or sexual orientation.

Back in July of this year, he took to social media to state, “Get over it. I’m not straight. I have sex. I don’t have a problem with my sexuality. I won’t stop and it’s weird this is something you think about and get upset that isn’t going your way.”

See the post below:

Dalton had gone public about having a male partner in 2021 and also recently in a video where he was kissed by another male but seems to want to switch things up as he makes it known that he is ready for a relationship with a woman.


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