Dalton Harris Reveals He Has a Daughter and Addresses Rumours

Dalton Harris, the X Factor star, revealed that he is now a father, which is where his focus currently lies. The revelation was made on Sunday in an Instagram post that detailed his self-reformation, growth, and journey while shutting down the rumours of being fired from his record label.

Sharing selfie shots, he told his fans that he took time off to be present for himself and his loved ones, “as well as to figure out life and navigate everything changing and happening.”


He wrote, “I am trying to focus on being a great father to my daughter, a supportive friend/brother/son and building a better relationship with myself.”

Dalton came out as a pansexual after he was crowned the winner of the X Factor. He made his sexuality known in a social media post, where he also discussed struggling with his mental health.

The lengthy Sunday post continued by saying he appreciates all the “disappointments or opportunities to learn and grow.”

There has been a rumour circulating that Harris was dropped by his record label, but he addressed this as false information.

“I am no longer with a label but I will remain independent as long as I feel is right,” he stated. “I will not release music to chase momentum or popularity. And no I was not dropped so please do not turn this into something it isn’t you beautiful youtube blog folks. Good vibes to you as well.”

After winning X Factor in 2018, Harris signed a record deal with Simon Cowell’s record company, Syco Music, which took a hit in the pandemic and ultimately ceased operation.

According to the Jamaica Observer, since 2011, it is believed that winners of the X Factor are awarded £150,000 in advance for their first album. For a second project, £237,000 is awarded, which increases to £315,000 for the third album and approximately £400,000 for the fourth.

After winning, Harris released over 100 songs and The Power of Love and Cry albums.

Prior to the X Factor, which had not returned since 2018, Harris was also the winner of Digicel Rising Star in 2012, and he dropped three albums before he moved on to the X Factor.

Harris also called his mother, Sylvia Campbell, out on an inside joke they share, saying, “I love you Mommy. You are very immature for the screenshot you are threatening me with. Lol.”

The Jamaica Observer further reported that Harris and his mother had some issues in the past, which were made public on social media in 2018. The mother-son relationship was restored two years ago.

In concluding his post, he encouraged his fans to make themselves a priority, appreciate their inner beauty, and protect their energy.

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