Dalton Harris Shares Video of His Partner Kissing Him; Jamaicans React!

Jamaican X-factor winner Dalton Harris took to social media recently to share a video of himself having a romantic moment with his male partner and many Jamaicans are not having it. Another footage has been also circulating of the estranged Jamaican at another location, sharing a similar moment.

The most recent video shows Dalton holding the camera while shirtless with his partner closely beside him. The twenty-seven-second long clip started off with Dalton showing himself followed by him panning the camera to show his boyfriend, followed by his boyfriend kissing him on his jaw.

After getting kissed, Dalton surprisingly said, “Batty Boy, Batty Boy”

See Dalton’s video below:


Most people who watched the video were not happy at the sight, one person commented, “He should keep his alleged bman activities away from a camera, Jamaican people do not need to see this.” Another person said, “I expected Dalton to hold up his head high he knows Jamaica doesn’t stand up for that.I am so disappointed. Much more his mother. Her heart is broken. Instead of making his mother proud.Hi. mek white man turn him into fool.”

See more reactions below:

A man who is said to be related to the controversial Jamaican artiste, held no punches while addressing the now-viral video of Dalton Harris embracing his homosexual lifestyle and seemingly mocking most Jamaicans’ stand on the matter by jokingly singing, “Batty Boy, Batty Boy.”


Dalton Harris definitely offended the outspoken man with his TickTok post, who came out swinging. The fiery man directed a few questions towards the singer, asking him what about his Jamaican family member’s name and reputation, seeing that he was participating in actions that are outlawed in Jamaica.

He angrily stated, “No, it nuh look good pon yuh mother and yuh father side to bloodclaat, how yuh daddy feel boy wonder if yuh daddy dead, yuh daddy alive boy? eeh, then before yuh do them bomboclaat thing deh yuh nuh check yuhself boy you nuh have a mother boy, now come to rassclaat and yuh a tek weh yuh muma fi get, how it look to yuh, how yuh feel?”

One person told the disgruntled man, “Uncle nuh badda stress out yu self over Dalton. Just live your life sir. We all know the practice is abnormal and unnatural.”

The man also points out that his actions disgraced Jamaica as a whole; according to him, Dalton should not set foot back on Jamaican shores, “Stay far, doh come near Jamaica a bloodclaat cause Jamaica nuh need you no more.”

“We doh waa see yuh back a Jamaica cause yuh too bloodclatt worthless jhoncrow yuh is a fu**ing dog, see yuh gone up deh[foreing] to bloodclaat gone suck up the wul heap a white man hood, dem a discharged in a yuh mouth, dem poop in yuh face, dem discharged all in a yuh nose yuh actually drown, a bag a bomboclaat thing a reach yuh up deh, boy yuh is a germs,” the man enunciates.

See his reaction and next footage in the video below:



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