Dalton Harris Violated by Cops in the UK

Dalton Harris the Jamaican singer called out London police for their racial profiling. He felt as if he was a victim of racial injustice in London where he now lives.

Dalton stated that he was doing his regular market run in the town when he was allegedly reprimanded by 4 police officers while he was in the parking lot.

The X-Factor 2018 winner decided to post about the ordeal on Twitter on Friday where he also complained about the incident.

According to Harris, the cops literally reprimanded him because he wore a hoody and he is black, he believed they thought it was his intention to rob the parked cars in the parking lot of a supermarket while he did his market run.

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He also said he was left feeling violated, and he was in shock after the alleged incident. He now wonders if London is becoming just like the US where blacks are targeted.

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