Dalton Harris Says He Was On The Brink Of Suicide

Just 24 hours ago, Dalton Harris was on the brink of committing suicide and according to him he spoke to God and made the biggest change in his life which disallowed him from committing the act.

Dalton is well known for his participation in Jamaica’s Digicel Rising Stars in 2010 for which he won that year further moving on to the British X-factor competition in 2018 where he also won.


The 26-year-old singer posted his thoughts on twitter which touched some fans of his when he said he was going to make the fatal move.

Dalton stated in the post that God gave him his deepest realization which disallowed him from suicide. He also said that he wanted to live his life not escaping the pain he caused or caused to anyone.

The youngster told his fans that he ended a relationship that taught him the best things and showed him how valuable he is.

Harris stated that he wants to be living without hiding his intentions and to be able to smile freely.

Fans were very encouraging to him, telling the artiste that he spoke to God for a reason, encouraging him to push on and not to watch haters. Some fans went to the extent of reminding him of how talented he is as a way to motivate him in the right direction.

Since winning the ex-factor competition, Dalton has released a solo single entitled “Cry” however it seems as if he has not released any new music since.

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This change could be something positive in his career as he now knows he has a lot of people supporting him mentally.

See Dalton’s comments below.

See Daltons comments below.

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