Dalton Harris and Donovan Germain Split after Pansexual Announcement

2018 ‘X Factor’ winner Dalton Harris and long time mentor Donovan Germain no longer close since the Jamaican vocalist came out on being Pansexual.

According to Jamaican singer Dalton Harris, the bond he once shared with former mentor and manager, outstanding Reggae/Dancehall producer/engineer, Germain, has ended after Dalton declared that he is pansexual.


The 2018 winner of the very popular UK music competition, the X-Factor, made a few tweets on Twitter saying, Donovan Germain was the only male in his life who hadn’t turned his back on him when he was growing up.

Dalton Harris and Donovan Germain Splits after Pansexual Announcement

Seeing it from Dalton’s view;
The son and father like comradeship started falling apart a little after Dalton posted a picture of the pansexual pride flag on his Instagram account earlier this year.

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Dalton was not shy in showing his appreciation for what Germain had done for him over the years, and didn’t seem to speak of any type of resentment from either party.

Dalton seemed comfortable with accepting reality as is, knowing that the people who are currently in his circle are there for him and most importantly love him as a human. He went on to say “somethings are worth fighting for whilst others aren’t”

Donovan Germain started mentoring Harris when he was just 16 years old, he even helped the then-teenage singer through school.

Dalton’s performances during the 2018 edition of the ‘X Factor ‘ were described as a much impressive and inspiring showing. The Jamaican singer made history becoming the first foreign act to win the popular UK talent show.

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