Dalton Harris Defends Spice and reminds fan that his mother was Abusive

Monday, December 21, 2020, 1:06 PM GMT-5

Dalton Harris has stepped up to defend Spice from the verbal onslaughts of her baby father, calling the man a waste man for trying to tear down the Queen of Dancehall.

He did not walk scotch free however as he was met with the furious comment of someone who saw the post, further calling him a “hypocrite boy” for what he said, telling him that he did the same tearing down his mother.


Dalton responded to the person letting them know plainly that, his mother was abusive and hurt, and what he did was to speak out on the issue so that she could be aware and change.

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He also told the accuser that their family is healed, and his relationship with his mother is better than ever.

Harris further enlightened the person letting them know that it is the internet and people with false facts, who did the breaking down.

He also said that the artiste’s baby father was trying everything to damage the career of Spice, while consciously knowing what he is doing which is different than what he is about.

Dalton told the person that they should know things before they speak about it, or just avoid him.

The singer said that he is no punk and sometimes people have no reason to hate, but he understands since they are human, and figured that they might need an outlet of expression.

He further commented that he does not go around hating people, and not even knowing their history.

In closing off, Dalton told the person that if he was a hypocrite he would love him.

The person did respond, however, due to the words Harris wheeled against the person while urging them to be smarter, they eventually agreed that Spice’s baby father was wrong.

The heated conversation was captured by the singer immediately after and posted as a status.

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