Damion Crawford Buried by JLP Supporters [Video]

Sunday, April 7, 2019, 7:47 AM GMT-5

It’s all in the politics game and Jamaicans play politics serious. Damion Crawford recently lost against Ann-Marie Vaz over Eastern Portland seat. Damion lost by a couple hundred votes, Ann-Marie of the JLP got 9,917 votes while Damion Crawford who represents the PNP got 9,611.

This was a remarkable victory for Miss Vaz for the PNP held that seat for over 30 years and she’s also the first elected female MP for that region.


Ann-Marie Vaz aka Action Ann is 53 years old and wife to fellow JLP member of Parliament Daryl Vaz who’s currently the MP for neighbouring West Portland hence the JLP and the Vaz Family now runs Portland Jamaica.

Watch full video below!


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