D’Angel and Stacious Shows Off Whining Skills In Hilarious Contest at Pamputtae’s Birthday Party – Watch Video

Dancehall divas D’Angel and Stacious seemingly took the night at Pamputtae’s birthday party with a fun impromptu whining competition as they tried to see who had the “wave” in their waistline. The “wave,” as Stacious calls it, was demonstrated as a slow up-and-down motion of one’s butt as said person executes Jamaica’s popular “Six Thirty” position.

Based on a video shared online, the challenge kicked off as Pamputtae showcased her impressive whining skills in a sleek black bodysuit romper complemented by stylish fur boots.


While Pamputtae did her thing in front of the ladies, Stacious and D’Angel engaged in a lively conversation, debating their own dancing prowess and confidently expressing superiority over each other.

“Yuh nuh inna dancing league. Memba a mi name Ravas,” Stacious said, and D’Angel asked in return, “She can dance like mi?”

The crowd urged the ladies to demonstrate their abilities, leading to Stacious getting a gentleman(Razor B) to perform her dance moves in a green bodysuit under a rasta-coloured mini fishnet dress.

Following her hilarious display, D’Angel went to bust some dance moves on the same man by bending over. However, she was apparently not doing the “wave” correctly, as Stacious returned to the Razor B to demonstrate the slow whine that D’Angel should be doing.

D’Angel went on to tell everyone that her short white dress was hindering her from doing the “wave,” but she certainly has it. “People a di frock…mi have e wave,” she said to the camera.

Watch the videos of the D’Angel, Pamputtae, and Stacious below:

See more photos from the birthday celebration below:

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