D’Angel Cries, Heartbroken Over Poor Donation For Christmas Charity – Watch Videos

D’Angel, born Michelle Downer, is literally crying out for help after receiving little aid in her Christmas charity for the elderly. The dancehall singer increased her efforts to spread a little love through her nonprofit organisation, Angel’s Foundation, with the goal of feeding 500 families for Christmas.

However, the number of those in need was nothing compared to the number of people who donated. D’Angel was in tears as she reached out to her fans via Instagram, pleading for more help after only receiving seven donations.


The No Worries artiste shared the progress she has made so far with her 504K followers on the social media platform hours ago. One of her posts consisted of two videos that showed numerous senior citizens lining up and making their way to collect their packages. D’Angel and her crew stood at a table occupied by bags that were being issued to the elderly as well as a pregnant female.

In the caption, she wrote, “Pray for me while i push through life and all the challenges that comes with it. Even to give back and help people is a challenge i never foresee. The moral of the Story is even when you’re doing GREAT things yuh still get a fight smh. If you can’t help atleast share the Gofundme link in my Bio. Thank you🙏.”

The I’m Blessed singer returned to Instagram with a third video showing dozens of elderly folks in need. In the audio, her strained voice spoke of her disappointment at only receiving seven donations while she sobbed. “I just break down…you guys don’t even understand how important it is like to see the elderly coming out and the disable people coming out to get the care packages, ” she stated. “You guys will never even understand because you’re not there.”

“I’m reaching out and say I am doing 500 people and only 7, like seriously?…And you guys see the work that I am doing. You see that I am dealing with the elderly. It’s not like its a joke ting dis…But if anything else unnuh quick fi bring mi dung,” she continued.

She emphasised that she was now heartbroken, and the singer mentioned that she has been struggling to get assistance with the foundation. She also noted that even if she could only help ten people, it would still “make a difference.”

D’Angel previously told the Jamaica Star that there was a lack of unity in the country because no one cared for each other anymore. With this concern, D’Angel sought to treat 500 families at the Spanish Town Municipal Park in St Catherine.

Thus she started a GoFundMe campaign to raise US$4,000 (about J$613,690) to buy food supplies for care packages. She stated that she made the decision to provide food for others because she grew up in a poor household where her mother never had enough.

Her charity organisation, Angel’s Foundation, is in its sixth year of existence and seeks to collaborate with regional businesses to broaden the charity’s reach.

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