D’Angel returns with More Eye-opening Photos

Thursday, August 20, 2020, 9:30 PM GMT-5

Jamaican model, singer and all-round female entertainer D’Angel’s primary focus nowadays seems to be on her only fans account for she has been promoting it vigorously for months now.

A couple of weeks ago Michelle Downer aka D’Angel went online to address the issue of people taking content from her onlyfans account after signing up and posting it on public websites. A picture, in particular, alleges to be D’Angel’s vagina however Downer was quick to point out that she doesn’t post nude content on her onlyfans account and the picture that was posted was photoshopped with someone else’s private part.

Now seemingly over that ordeal, Michelle returns with more spicey photos for her IG followers and suggesting that they sign up to her only fans. See her latest pictures posted below.

Earlier, Ishawna reported that she was making millions from her Onlyfans account, which leaves us to speculate what D’Angel is making from hers as she seems to be enjoying it more than other facets of her career currently.

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