D’Angel Details How She and Spice Reconciled, No Comments On Beenie Man’s Engagement, Says Female Clash “Too Nasty!” – Watch Interview

Wednesday, January 17, 2024, 3:01 PM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste D’Angel has fully accepted her new moniker, War Angel, and spoke about embracing her more aggressive side leading up to Sting 2023 during an interview. The artiste also discussed calling out her exes, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man, and her reconciliation with Spice.

According to D’Angel, while she has always had the temperament of a clash artiste, she was inspired to take on the persona of War Angel after a dream confirmed it was the path that she should take. She also expressed confidence and willingness to take on anyone in a clash, including Queen Ifricka, Beenie Man, and Bounty Killer.

While she has resolved her issues with Ifrica, D’Angel shared on The Fix podcast that she was fully prepared to clash after Ifrica criticised her online last year about being an advocate for change. D’Angel said she was the only female artriste she was willing to clash at the time, as Ifrica provoked her.

D’Angel also clarified that she would never clash with someone who is not on her level. Speaking on why she called out her exes Beenie and Bounty last year on her single War Angel, the Stronger singer said that she wanted a clash because she thought it would have been great for dancehall culture.

With regards to the clash between Jada Kingdom and Steff London, “female clash too nasty!” says D’Angel while highlighting that even though she would clash with females, she does not like some of the things being said in the songs.


Reflecting on Beenie and Bounty’s past rivalry, D’Angel expressed that she carried no ill feelings for the deejays who called her out during their feud. Further speaking on her exes, the artiste shared that she learned the craft of entertaining from Beenie while she copied her aggressive demeanour from Bounty.

D’Angel went on to speak briefly about her former husband’s exes, sharing that she and Carlene Smith are very supportive of each other. She added that her son, Marco Dean, has a good relationship with Beenie’s previous partner, Krystal Tomlinson. However, she did not divulge her feelings regarding Beenie’s fiancé, Camille Lee, “who name suh?” was D’Angel’s response when asked about Camille.

D’Angel also spoke on her unexpected reconciliation with Spice last year at the International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA) after their fallout in 2019. According to the Stress Free artiste, she decided that she would speak to Spice and end their feud whenever they met again.

As she was hosting IRAWMA, D’Angel said she used the opportunity to talk to Spice face-to-face and put an end to their previous drama. The artiste noted that she is not the type to carry grudges.

D’Angel went on to discuss her performance at Sting 2023 and declared that she was the event’s champion. The artiste shared that her performance led to her getting booked for several other events, and she is already booked for this year’s staging.

Watch the interview below.

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