Dangerous Corner Turn Causes 5 Car Pile-up During Race – Watch Video

Rally drivers have to be prepared for anything as their job necessitates driving at incredibly high speeds. But multiple drivers were caught off guard when a dangerous corner turn sent their vehicles skidding into a ditch, causing a massive five-car pile-up.

In footage that was taken from the rally race, the track appeared to be wet, which seemed to have made the driver’s navigation of the tricky turn more difficult.

The first car seen skidding off the dirt track was sent rolling into a nearby ditch, and while the driver was being aided by an onlooker, another crashed close by.

Unaware of the dangerous turn, two more drivers proceeded to swerve off the road, crashing into the second car.

Two men, seemingly drivers from the previous crashes, are later seen trying to warn a fifth driver, but their efforts prove futile, and the car crashes alongside the others.

Watch the video below:


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