Man Nearly Drowned at Pool Party – Watch Video

A man almost lost his life during a pool party when he was unable to get out of the pool on his own.

While most of the patrons were oblivious to what was happening and dancing the night away, the man was struggling to stay on the surface despite receiving some assistance from a female.


The woman seemingly attempted to keep the man afloat or perhaps even swim to the pool’s edge with him, but the drowning male impeded her efforts by sinking her under his weight.

The woman ultimately gave up and shoved the man away, which was when he started to go under the water. It was at that point people started to notice the drowning man and another woman jumped in the pool and offered assistance.

He was pulled out of the pool by other patrons, as the MC expressed his shock at what had happened. Notably, the unharmed man was seen conscious and looking around while on the ground before the video ended.

Watch the video of the incident below:


When the video of the incident surfaced online, viewers flooded the comments with laughing emojis while pointing out that he would have drowned the female.

See comments below:


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