Davina Bennett returns Home today!… Said she feels like the Winner

[Sharingbuttons]While talking at a press conference held today to welcome the beauty home. Davina Bennett said “Seeing the reaction from the crowed the the people in Las vegas overall from all different races and countries, i of to say that it’s like i was the person that won!”. Davina Bennett also touch on why she chose to wear an Afro Heirstyle even though it was considered to be not a good good choice for the contest “I already had the hair before the competition and my hair should not be a barrier, that should stop me from succeeding in the pageant”.

Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett was the second runner-up at the Miss Universe crown on Sunday night. Mean while, The woman representing South Africa won the Miss Universe.

Davina Bennett’s Heartfelt Message After Finishing 3rd In Miss Universe 2017