Death Toll Rises to 81 Killed in North Nigeria Village Massacre

According to officials the number of innocent killed by jihadists linked to the Islamic State on a village in northeast Nigeria just reached 81 on Wednesday.

Innocent people were run over by vehicles and shot during an attack in the remote village of Felo by terrorists believed to be from the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP).


81 dead people have been identified told, Zukum Umara, the Borno state governor in an interview.

“We are yet to make a complete assessment but we have listened to them that in this graveyard they buried 49 people while those that have been taken away by their siblings and parents were 32,” the governor said.

According to a statement from his office seven people along with the head of village were abducted too.

According to an anonymous source the death toll has increase from 69 after more people died from fatal wounds.

“The latest toll is 81. We have more people with severe injuries. We hope they survive.” He also added.

According to the eyewitnesses, men, women and children were butchered by the terrorists as they were at the watering hole outside the village with their cattle.


Corpses bestrewed the surrounded area in a horrifying manner.

According to a local, the attack was in response to killing of a jihadist by a community self-defense group formed for anti-theft reasons.

Islamic insurgency is regarded by the west as an issue in Northeast Nigeria for over a decade now leaving some 36000 dead and over 2 million displaced.


ISWAP is a fragment of Boko Haram that broke away on 2016.

It has intensified its attack on civilian and against military for some time now,


The last target area was 50 miles from regional capital Maiduguri.

In response, the authorities have dispatched over 100 militiaman and local hunters to defend against the assaults.


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