Deep squat: features, proper form and technique

Saturday, July 25, 2020, 3:10 AM GMT-5

Some athletes, performing squats with a barbell in the hall, try to move at a short amplitude. They believe that a deep squat with a bar creates an increased load on the back and knee joints. It’s a delusion. If you perform the exercise correctly, it will bring you only benefit.

A deep squat with a barbell trains the muscles of the legs and buttocks, strengthens the body, helps to develop balance, improve coordination of movements. Exercise is suitable for men and women who want to pump the back of the thigh, buttocks, legs. Therefore, it is recommended that each athlete include it in the training program.

The correct deep squats technique and common mistakes

Naturally, you can benefit from the exercise by performing sustanon it correctly. Deep squat for women should be performed the same way technically as for men. Proceed in stages:

  • Do a warm-up and a light stretch;
  • Bending your knees, sit under the bar with the bar, remove it;
  • Move away from the racks by 2 – 3 steps (you do not need to go far so as not to waste your strength);
  • Keep your back straight, maintaining a slight deflection of the lower back, look forward, the bar should lie on the top of the trapezius muscles;
  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart so that the socks are slightly apart.
  • Holding the bar with your hands, begin to squat;
  • Keep your back exactly to the lowest point – you will reach it when the hips touch the lower legs;
  • At the bottom point, try not to roll the case forward;
  • Without bending, without rounding your back, go up.

The technique is the same for men and women. And if something is not clear to you, watch a video demonstrating how to do the exercise. Today, finding a similar video on the net is not a problem. Deep squat for women is one of the most popular forms of leg training.

Important Nuances: how much should I squat and how low to squat

We figured out that the dangers of deep squats with a bar are said by illiterate athletes or those who are too lazy to strain. However, the exercise has certain specifics, without considering which, you can get injured. In particular, it requires good stretching and coordination of movements. The deep squat technique is extremely important if you are going to perform this exercise.

If the athlete does not have a stretch, it is difficult to go low enough. As a result – the wrong position of the pelvis or body, high load on the back, and knees. Therefore, do not be lazy after a workout to devote several minutes to stretching – it will restore muscles, prevent the development of strength, prepare for deep squats.

Coordination of movements is important so as not to lose balance. Otherwise, the athlete will not only not give all his best, but may get injured.

Of great importance is the choice of weight weights. Do not take on the heaviest barbell if you have not done deep squats before. Experiment with different weights, choosing the one that is convenient to work with. The correct deep squat is when you can squat 8-12 times without feeling discomfort. So the right number of squats is individual: do as many squats as you can do with PROPER TECHNIQUE. Remember: this is not about the quantity, this is about quality,

Naturally, women should work with lighter weights than men. In addition, it is recommended to abandon the exercise during menstruation. There are no other restrictions – feel free to use it to pump your hips and buttocks. 

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