Defence Lawyer In ‘One Don’ Trial Says Witness Lied About Client’s Gang Involvement Due To Dispute Over Woman

November 17, 2021

Attorney at law Courtney Rowe who is acting in defence of Marco “Ezi” Miller, one of the defendants in the “One Don” gang trial, stated that the prosecution’s second witness said he was a part of the gang due to a dispute concerning a woman.

According to the Attorney, the witness has held malice against “Ezi”, ever since he accused the defendant in 2016 of getting his “on and off” girlfriend pregnant. Rowe claims that the dispute over the woman had caused both men to not deal with each other since then even though the witness laughed at the lawyer stating that the accused man was not in his league.


As it relates to the female in question, Attorney Rowe began to suggest that the witness might be a paedophile, asking the man giving the testimony if he was aware that the girl was 15 years old in 2014, when he was 20 when he began seeing her, however, the former gangster turn witness said that he was married and did not know the female’s age and had never seen her before in uniform.

Going further into the witness’s testimony, Attorney at law Rowe, claimed that he was lying since he and the accused man never had any communication since 2016 but the former member of the “One Don” gang, stated that that was not true as they have had phone conversations after that time.


The woman in question also made a surprise visit to the court after which, she was recognized by the witness.


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