Derrick Morgan Blasts Daughter, Queen Ifrica In Latest Interview “me and har usually move very good… she’s a wicked b*tch” – Watch Video

Derrick Morgan has once again refuted rape allegations made by his daughter Queen Ifrica and disclosed medical details that he and his son Courtney Morgan say would have made him incapable of committing sexual assault. The Ska singer has also said that Ifrica stole her song Daddy from its real writer.

Courtney previously disclosed, while speaking out in defence of his father, that the singer was blind and had neurological issues at the time of the alleged rape. During a follow-up discussion between Morgan and his son, he detailed how he progressively lost his sight and the deterioration of his mobility.


According to Morgan, his family discovered that he was suffering from night blindness during his early childhood. He was able to see during the daytime for several years but was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a genetic disease, and later lost his sight.

Courtney Morgan and father Derrick Morgan
Courtney Morgan and his father Derrick Morgan

In regards to his limited mobility, Morgan shared that he developed a neurological impairment after a car accident in 1994. The Tougher Than Tough singer explained that a bone had shifted from his spine, and subsequent surgeries only worsened the issue.

Due to the injury, Morgan reportedly suffers from sensation loss in his lower body as well as neurological erectile dysfunction. Morgan said that he had not yet met Ifrica but knew of her at this time.

He reiterated that he did not meet her until her adulthood, and when she began visiting at his home, there were always other people there to help him around the house. However, contradicting his previous statements in an interview with DancehallMag, the ska veteran now says Ifrica never slept over at his home.

The elderly artiste had reportedly told the outlet that Ifrica occasionally slept over at his house.

Morgan suggested that Ifrica’s jealousy over her siblings that he raised may have contributed to the rift between them, as she had reportedly become enraged after seeing a photo of the family at Thanksgiving in 2019.

Speaking on Ifrica’s single Daddy, which was allegedly inspired by her sexual assault, Morgan said he was told by the song’s producer and writer, Kemar, that the reggae singer stole the single and claimed it as her own.

Chiming in, Courtney said he was told by the alleged writer that the single’s lyrics at first stated, “daddy, don’t touch her there,” but he changed it to “don’t touch me there” to make it sound more personal, despite Tony Rebel, Ifrica’s boyfriend at the time, not approving of the change.

He also stated in the Interview, “Up until now i dont know weh di girl look like,” He also said, “She is a damn liar if she seh me touch har or rape har…. me and har usually move very good, i dont know why she bring up this talk bout mi rape har, she’s a wicked bitch.” He also said he’s “surprise” at how Queen Ifrica is now treating him.

Watch the video below.

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