Dexta Daps Engages in Another Bold and Erotic Interaction with fan On-stage – Watch Video

Thursday, August 10, 2023, 1:32 PM GMT-5

A video making waves on social media showcases a bold and erotic on-stage interaction between dancehall artiste Dexta Daps and an enthusiastic female fan. In the video clip, the fan, clad in a striking yellow two-piece ensemble that accentuates her curves and assets, gradually walked towards the charismatic “Seven Eleven” singer.

As the spotlight remained on them, the female admirer turned around and began a seductive dance routine, whining on Dexta Daps while the instrumental for “Morning Love” played in the background.

The atmosphere quickly heated up as the singer synchronized his movements with hers in a somewhat provocative manner. His hands delicately explored her body, eliciting reactions of exhilaration from the fan.


The camera briefly shifted to a nearby man whose astonished expression encapsulates the electrifying ambience. However, the lens returns to the stage, capturing Dexta Daps as he maintains the captivating momentum.

See a photo of the man covering his mouth below:


The intensity continued to escalate, with the female fan using her hand to cool herself down, visually representing the palpable excitement of the performance. In an unexpected twist, the female abruptly disengaged from the performance, leaving the singer momentarily puzzled by her departure.

The video concluded with a flurry of emotions and curiosity hanging in the air.

See the video below:


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Shared on Dexta Daps’ own Instagram page, the caption playfully speculates about the identity of the man covering his mouth in the crowd, questioning if he might be the partner of the fan on stage.

In the comments section, fans offered a range of reactions, with some jesting about the fan’s apparent reticence and missed opportunity. Others attributed her reaction to being overwhelmed by the passionate dance.

Meanwhile, conversations veer toward the artiste’s personal life as observers touch upon his marital status and on-stage interactions with women.

See some of the comments below:

Dexta Daps comments


This is not the first time Daps has engaged with fans in this manner. In fact, he is now renowned for his interactive stage performances where female fans get to experience a bit of their fantasies with the singer.

See below, a post in which a fan sucked on Dexta Daps’ nipple on stage:

Dexta Daps Nipple Sucked On Stage by Female – Watch Video


Amidst the discussions, the mention of Dexta Daps’ upcoming show in Miami on August 26, featuring the renowned Dancehall Queen Spice, adds an extra layer of anticipation for fans of the dancehall scene.


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