Did Usain Bolt Sell His Soul?

Friday, May 17, 2019, 2:44 PM

A photo of Usain with his friend/ Manager Nugent NJ Walker on Instagram with his fingers over his face making a sign that is used by members of the Illuminati is causing Jamaicans to worry.

It is possible for Usain to be unaware of the meaning of the sign, but those who know the meaning have started talking and their comments are showing their concerns. They are worried about their Jamaican track star. He is a source of motivation for the young Jamaicans and he is being asked to remove the photo from his profile by concerned Jamaicans.


Usain Bolt caption the pic of him putting up 6 over his eye as “just two country yute a try get some of the crumbs. Mi bro NJ say keep my eye on the prize and gwan put in the work 🙏🏿🙌🏿#AnythingIsPossible #DontThinkLimit”

One fan wrote “be careful with that hand sign my brother, don’t want to send the wrong message”
Another one asked if he wanted to sell his soul or he did it already. There was another comment about gaining the whole world and losing the soul.

However, there were some fans who believed that Usain was representing for the 6 camp from Montego Bay, there are a group of talented artistes such as deejay Squash and others who are doing well there.

Usain is currently in France doing big things with a line of scooters. He could be taking over the scooter market soon, with the launching of Bolt Electric Scooters by Bolt Mobility.

Bolt has not responded to the allegations about his Illuminati connections as yet.

Usain launched a new line of BOLT scooters, see more info here: BOLT Launches New Line Of Scooters


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