Koffee talks ‘Rapture’ EP, Chronixx, Usain Bolt and more!

Friday, March 29, 2019, 2:44 PM GMT-5

Koffee UK radio interview, she explains the ideas behind her new music and getting started via a Usain Bolt tribute.

Koffee talks about writing music for a while but feeling confident enough to make a video for her LEGEND tribute to Usain Bolt who reposted her video and that pretty much kick started her career in music, she said “That started my career..”, replying “a dah chune deh”

“mi normally listen to beats first then work on the lyrics” Koffee explains her process of making music. “ragga muffin was like my first piece…” telling listeners that it was really her first completely written song.

Who are Koffee’s favorite artistes? “Protoje along side chronixx” she went on to explain that Protoje “especially” inspired her when it comes to flow “i always wanted to rhyme like him…. spit with knowledge like him.. that’s basically what push mi to try this” she explains.

The EP RAPTURE: Koffee said the full EP took a while to complete, stating that Ragga muffin was the first song to be finished then blazing, then rapture “it comes from the deepest part of me ” done the quickest, koffee opens up to it being her favourite song on the project, the big bad song TOAST which was completed last took the longest to complete she explains “i have so many versions of what was suppose to be toast”. Throne was done somewhere along the way.

On March 14, 2019 Koffee released her much anticipated debut EP called “Rapture” consisted of 5 Songs. The EP had 3 known songs and 2 unknown songs.

later on in the interview Koffee suggest that people visiting Jamaica should head to Ochi to have the most fun, she not so hyped about going to Mobay but took time out to state that Mobay is doing very well in Dancehall music now.

While playing rapture song Koffee and the radio host jokes about possibility of having Rihanna on a remix, the host suggest, Koffee replied “fi real enuh… what’s up ReRe?” Koffee shouted.”.

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