Diego Maradona Passes Away At 60 Years Old

November 26, 2020

Maradona has been recorded in time as one of the greatest footballers to ever have lived, however, millions of the soccer player’s fans are in deep mourning at this time over the death of their hero.

On Wednesday, Diego went for breakfast however he was reported to be looking rather pale at the time, and uttered the statement “Ma siento mal” to his nephew, which translates to “I feel sick” in English.


The legend, also complained that he was feeling cold after which he seemed to have gone to lie down, however, was found lifeless in the bed by a nurse.

Maradona was closely being monitored as just two weeks before the former soccer player was hospitalized due to a heart attack, and surgery for a brain bleeding condition.

Even though Maradona was famous on the field for his contributions to the Argentinian team, he was also notorious for his off the ball actions which were described to be wild by many, due to his heavy use of Alcohol and Cocaine.

The autopsy reports are still being run to see if there was anything external that might have led to the death of the famous soccer player, however, no foul play was discovered in the tests.

Maradona was pivotal in the 1986 World cup finals which saw Argentina face off against England, scoring the winning goals of the game. In the same match, one of the goals the legend scored was described as “The hand of God”, as many considered it to be a handball that was still awarded as a goal.

In the Streets of Argentina, thousands of fans gathered and kicked off a three-day moaning process for the footballer that meant so much to them.

Maradona, at the age of 60, has left his wife Claudia Villafane and 5 children behind.

The mourning even extended to Jamaica, for the Argentinian as former Olympian Usain Bolt, posted a picture wishing the late football legend to rest in peace.

Lionel Messi also posted on the matter.




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