DJ Mac Gives Main Reason for Teejay’s Falling Out Over ‘Drift’ Song and Romeich’s Name Was Brought Up

DJ Mac gave his side of the story and set the record straight about his and Teejay’s highly publicised falling out following an angry outburst from the Mobay dancehall artiste.

The Drift producer revealed that all the current controversy around the song emanated from him asking questions about the perks generated from Drift’s success, which include Flow ads.


In an interview that was removed from Youtube with the Let’s Be Honest Youtube channel, DJ Mac outlined the main reason behind the fallout with Teejay while admitting he and the dancehall artiste don’t directly have a problem.

“All a this come from people just doing bad business uzimi and these type a stuff happen because when you start fi ask too much question you get wah me a seh dem nuh waa yuh ask too much question so the moment you start ask too much question now a man feel like seh you a ask about him business,” Mac states.

He continued, “weh you do pertaining to or quote and quote would a seh not pertaining to because oh yuh nuh mek no riddim or you do this you doh do that you get me when in reality you are the reason why it is where it is right now,”DJ Mac explained.

DJ Mac also said he predicted Teejay going online on his angry rant, seeing that he and Teejay were arguing earlier in the day. In some more stunning revelation, DJ Mac says he has a partnership with popular producer Romiech, which is creating an issue regarding the song in question.

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“Dem have the Flow ads running on Youtube, radio, tv all a those stuff, so every time me ask somebody bout what is going on wah gwaan wid this bro nobody caa ge me no straight answer somebody a send me contract and a seh yow bro me waa you sign off pon this,” Mac details.

He continued, “me a seh me caa sign off pon summin weh me nuh know bout you waa me sign Flow contract and me nuh know nothing bout it,” DJ Mac outlines that he asked, “wah gwaan fi it?” and was told that he would “soon” get a “call back” to clarify the situation but did not get the callback.

Check out other snippets from the viral interview below:

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