Teejay Disses Dj Mac after Fallout Over ‘Drift’ song’s Ownership, “Go s_ck out yuh madda Mac” – Watch Videos

Despite advice from his management team not to address the matter via the Internet, dancehall star Teejay failed to budge and jumped online to diss and expose producer DJ Mac. According to Teejay, the producer known as DJ Mac is trying to claim ownership of the hit single Drift.

Drift is easily one of the biggest dancehall songs released since the start of 2023, has usually is the case in dancehall; controversy is always lurking nearby.

Teejay started off his online rant by explaining how the song came about stating, “Drift, A doh business who style it is ah doh care what people wah seh, but Drift me get dah riddim deh from Panda, Panda build the riddim.”

He continues, “Panda link me seh him waa be a producer, but it ago tek alot fi him, so me seh yow Panda no problem, me stay so and voice Drift, me Timoy Jones voice that inna Don garage inna Miami.”

The dancehall artiste continued his detailed explanation of who owns the song declaring, “Me stay suh and seh yow who me can put pon dah song as producer, me stay so and call Boom Boom me have every conversation inna me phone, Boom Boom a seh god know bro eh better yuh just produce dah song deh by yuhself, me go just seh a Panda song but me go put Mac pon it as producer, same way.”

Following his explanation, Teejay went on to diss DJ Mac by saying, “Me caa believe seh like Mac yuh not even waa Panda own him own song breda like Mac yuh not even build the riddim bro and yuh waa claim the man song bro, like me caa pretty up nuttin’ bro some ah uno a vampire, some uno only come fi drain out artiste energy.”

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Teejay also said it was not DJ Mac’s first time trying to claim another producer’s song. “Yuh do it to the next youth weh produce Speed Off bro, me nah wul down nuttin and chat yuh do it to the youth weh produce Speed Off, and yuh give the youth recouped contract when a the youth build the riddim badman,” Teejay revealed. 

Before closing Teejay went future and told the DJ about his mother, “Go s_ck out yuh madda Mac batty bwoy yuh eva buss Teejay” and outline that he should have “box” Dj Mac in his face before going online to talk on the issue.

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